Classes will be offered


Monday's and Wednesday's


at 12:30 p

Drop-ins are welcome but must register and sign up on MINDBODY

college athletes fitness high school athlete agility strength and conditioning strong fitness health body weight exercise training personal training coach speed 

This is a 90 min Strength & Conditioning training session that replicates a collegiate-level program. With small groups of 8 with 2 trainers, we will provide attention to detail and form focus while promoting friendly competition!


The encouragement among group members, and high-positive energy levels, will make our athletes train harder and longer.


These sessions will be high-intensity workouts intended to mold athletes' minds and physical attributes.

Please reach out to one of our staff if you have any additional questions or to sign up today. Make sure you have a Mindbody account before signing up.

For instructions on how to sign up for an account Go to CP Media: Mindbody

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