CORFit Kids

CORFit Kids is a program specifically designed for young athletes.  This program focuses on the promotion of preventative strength & coordination for the developing young person, on all levels.

In our youth programs, young athletes will be given all the tools they need to be successful not only on the field but off the field. We focus not only on improving strength, speed, power, endurance and flexibility; but also, injury prevention as well as self-confidence.


                                                                  We want to instill the "I can, I will" mentality.

  • FUNDAMENTAL (Ages 7-11): Creates a foundation in coordination, athleticism, body-weight exercises and proper running technique in a positive environment

  • DEVELOPMENTAL (Ages 12-15): This program focuses on progressing athletic movements with the introduction of speed mechanics, correct weightlifting techniques and spotting.

  • SPECIALIZED (Ages 16-18): A High School athletes’ program that is designed to develop strength, power, speed and agility using Olympic lifts and advanced speed dynamics.  This program is designed to mirror a Division 1 collegiate program in their prospective sport.