How to create an account for and book a child into a class:


There are a few ways to book classes for your children at your favorite business. One way is to create an account for your child, log in with their information, and book classes.



Creating a login for your child:


Step 1: Create an account for your child MINDBODY best with a unique account for each child. To create an account for your child, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to COR Performance Client Login

  1. Click on the My Info tab. 

  2. Click Add Family Member.

  1. Enter the child's name.

  2. Select the relationship Child of: [your name].

  3. MINDBODY can be set to automatically charge your credit card or banking information when purchases are made for the child, choose Yes beside "Paid for by [your name]."

  4. Enter the child's email address. We recommend providing an email address that you have access to but is not the same email address you already have on file with the business.

  5. Click Save


Things to know:

  • If you are planning to log in as your child, later on, the email address listed will be used to create the child's unique login.

  • Children under the age of 13 should not have their own login due to the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA).



Step 2: Create a login for your child

Go to COR Performance Client Login, and click “Need new password?” in the center of the screen.

  1. Enter the child's email address. 

  2. Click Next.

  3. Open the email found in your child's email inbox.

  4. Follow the steps in the email to create/reset the child's password.



Booking for your child:


On COR Performance Client Login:

Once you've created your child's account and log in, you may log in as your child to book classes. COR Performance will see the child's name on the rosters.

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